Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association

PNVA Research

The Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association has been a strong proponent of vegetable production research in the Pacific Northwest by seeking to accomplish three goals:

  1. Convey grower research needs to appropriate agencies and research organizations.
  2. Provide a clearing house for vegetable research funding.
  3. Initiate research projects by designating a portion of PNVA operating funds for support of new research projects.

Since beginning the initiation of supporting research projects, the Pacific Northwest Vegetable Association has contributed $16,250 for the support of research in the Pacific Northwest.


PNVA will help to provide "seed" money to initiate new vegetable related research relevant to the Pacific Northwest.

Funding will be for one year only. After the first year, the researcher is expected to find funding sources to continue the project. The researcher is encouraged to try to leverage additional matching funds from other resources, based on the PNVA grant.

Format for proposals should be kept brief and should not exceed 2-3 pages. The following format is suggested:

  1. Identification of problem.
  2. Generalized research protocol.
  3. Anticipated results.
  4. General budget.
  5. Plans for future funding to continue project (if necessary.)

A brief written report to the PNVA will be expected at the annual meeting and a presentation may be requested at the annual meeting to disseminate the information to the industry.

For more information, please contact us.


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